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About Cashews

The Whole Cashews 320, W320 in short, are premium large-sized natural whole cashews, that are also referred to as W1-320 where W1 infers the product is of the highest quality. These cashews are amongst the most commonly used by buyers and are even more popular than their W240 cousin. In fact 50 percent of the raw cashew nuts get processed to W320.

The W320 are light yellow or pale ivory in color.



The naming convention of cashew products consists of two parts; the cashew abbreviation and the digits that signify the number of kernels that are available in one pound of cashews.

The “W” in W320 stands for ‘Wholes’, which means that these are whole cashews of the highest grade.

The character “320” means that there are 300-320 kernels for every lb of cashews in this product.